Hello, you exceptionally-talented, curious, overthinking, and ultra-aware professional.

I’m Georgia, the guide for gifted professionals who love learning, reading, writing, listening, and superb conversations. Navigating your career path and networks to support all parts of living can be exhausting and other gifted professionals and communicators are hard to find. That’s why co-founded an online community and dedicated this Substack space for Gifted Professionals and Communicators.

I am not a therapist or coach. Creators of this Substack are knowledge workers, mostly, writers, journalists, storytellers, and consultants to leaders in a wide variety of professions and industries.

I’ve been writing and transforming for 50 years. I have the awards and bruises to prove it. I’m thrilled to join thousands of other professionals and writers who love publishing and never confuse it with selling.

The Real Me story is on my website and the next conversation with you.

“Gifted individuals see and experience the world uniquely.  They have unique biology, from their brain maps to their genetics to their sensory processing to their emotional processing  to their biorhythms.” –Nicole Tetreault, Ph.D., Insight Into A Bright Mind, March 2021

This Substack is for gifted, neurodivergent professionals actively seeking a safe place to connect, further build their stories, learn, and grow with others who “get” them. 

I write every day and publish weekly, here and elsewhere, to develop understanding, find deeper meaning, and push the boundaries on the critical issues we face today.

Share the articles and show up in the comments and notes features of this newsletter as your opportunity to engage on your own terms, on your own schedule, and be fully present in your personal and professional life.

We believe that those drawn to this newsletter are looking for a shared sense of recognition. We are looking for other people who are here to bring forth something new together. We may not know how to talk about what we seek, but we recognize it when it shows up. We welcome those who ‘come from the same future’ because everything depends on it.

Seriously motivated professionals belong here. We want to join forces with people who have done a lot already and still have a deep sense of urgency about all the things they want to do before they die.

Were you labeled “gifted” as a child? Or have you often felt like a minority of one?

As it turns out, we do not outgrow our giftedness although many of us have experienced this giftedness as a double-edged sword. What we don’t say out loud, is sometimes we wish we weren’t – mainly because gifted individuals experience a lot of loneliness both in our personal and professional lives. 

Our readers—our community, look a lot like millions of professionals in every field and seem to be the ones who communicate better and accomplish a lot more than you think you do, but without bragging. We are less than 5% of all adults and prefer deep work instead of social media.

Substack is our opportunity to write about the stories, current projects, and long-game goals of gifted professionals and communicators. We don’t have the answers. We have better questions and writing that helps you think and get clear with yourself and the world.

For a toe-in-the-water assessment of your score of giftedness, professional, and communicator, go here.

If you think you need medical help such as therapy or crisis intervention, you need to stop here and get help. Google search “therapists” or call 988.

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Navigating your career path and networks to support all parts of living can be exhausting and other gifted professionals and communicators are hard to find. That's why we create conversations, unlearn and relearn through Substack.


Georgia Patrick

Journalist, story finder, and trusted guide for professionals seeking better paths to destinations barely traveled. Co-founder of the community for Gifted Professionals and Communicators.