The quality of our questions is what leads to a higher level of answers. Curiosity is one of our most human qualities.

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Reason 2. But I don't do frameworks. I don't even know why others need them. When I need to understand I see a path to the solution and the clarity around it is 100%.

If you ask me a question I know the answer. But I can't tell you how I learned it. Frameworks are bottom up and I think top down.

This makes it pretty difficult to be in this society that has one tidy box for everything and everything fits in it. Everything but me. I never fit in that box. I nearly die when you apply one size fits all methods to the way I operate.

If we continue on learning and operating in this way it will kill us. The change that is coming will be so fast and extreme the only preparation that will work will be learning to know yourself and how to use your innate intelligence in the moment it is needed. We must learn the box was a fallacy. There are a million answers to every question. You must find the best one to match that moment.

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